A Community Service Project of Rotary International and World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh
Dear Rotary Club President:
This year marks the 48th anniversary of the coordination between the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh and Rotary International on the World Affairs Institute. The team at the Council is delighted to work with your Club again this year to make this event a resounding success.
Details for this year’s World Affairs Institute are as follows:
The Institute will be held on Friday, November 30 at the Senator John Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh.
This year’s topic is: Exploring the New Space Age
Each Rotary Club has the opportunity to sponsor and select top scholastic student delegates from public, parochial, or private high schools in its area.
Because the total number of student delegates is limited to approximately 350, please do the following as soon as possible:
  1. Determine how many student delegates and chaperones your club will sponsor. Rotarians are welcome to attend the Institute, but must register as a chaperone in advance. The cost of the Institute is $75 per person (this includes chaperones).
  2. Complete the GROUP REGISTRATION FORM and return it to the Council office by November 1, together with a check made payable to the World Affairs Council. (If the check is delayed, please alert the Council and send the form ahead.)
  3. Provide the STUDENT DELEGATE LETTER with the LIABILITY RELEASE / MEDIA WAIVER and a BROCHURE to Interact coordinators or appropriate teachers at your school(s) who will select the student delegates. If additional copies are needed, these items can be photocopied or downloaded from the Institute website.
If your Rotary Club does not work directly with students at your local high school(s) but would like to sponsor student delegates to attend this year’s World Affairs Institute, please consider sponsoring a student in our Global Leadership Certificate program—a program designed to increase student knowledge and involvement in international affairs, while providing a means for them to hone their leadership skills. If you are interested in sponsoring a Global Leadership Certificate student, please contact Kathleen Newell.
Student delegates should complete and submit the LIABILITY RELEASE / MEDIA WAIVER before November 15. Student delegates will then be officially registered for the Institute. Prior to attending the Institute, student delegates must read/view the Council-selected background materials.
Required reading and viewing materials for students, registration information and downloadable forms, and continually updated event details can be found online.
If you have any questions about the Institute or your Club’s participation, please contact Kathleen Newell at the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh by phone at 412-281-7973, or by e-mail at kathleen@worldpittsburgh.org.
We hope your Club will extend participation in this unique educational program to students in your school district. Thank you for your continued generous support of this unique and important partnership.